Saturday, June 18, 2011

Comments from Levi about Krivit´s preliminary report

As mentioned earlier Steven B. Krivit expressed some doubtfulness over the methods of measurement for the E-Cat demonstrations that have been done. After the meeting with Rossi, Focardi and Levi, Krivit also expressed some doubt over Giuseppe Levi´s competence; "I discussed the crucial difference in steam enthalpy calculations by mass versus by volume with Levi on Wednesday afternoon. Based on his initial response, I could not be sure if he had previously understood the potential impact."

Today Levi responded via Daniele Passerini´s blog

"Dear, Mr. Krivit
I have carefully read your preliminary report on your travel in Bologna. 
Your report clearly demonstrates that you have not understood anything of what you have seen and what we have explained you.
First of all the story about the steam.
As the signature in my email says I got a PhD in Physics years ago. This means that I have totally understood the difference between residual water in steam as fraction of mass or volume. 
As I have unsuccessfully tried to explain you :
1) The plots you where showing are well known and you can find them in any manual of physical chemistry.
The apply when you measure the quantity of steam present as % of VOLUME.

2) As I have told you many times, Dr. Galantini, the expert chemist that was in charge, have done a measure as percent of MASS.

As Professor Zanchini has told you the same day we met, one of the crutial informations you have  omitted from your preliminary report, a fraction of water in the steam, measured by MASS as we have done, would reduce the amount of measured energy in a linear way.

So our calculation and our analysis is correct.

Because you:
Omitted part of information you had, insulted me (and my University) trying to say that I'm not prepared in my field, tried (just tried) to scare me and put me under psychological pressure in order to obtain so far undisclosed data, 
I will not send you any other information.

Dr. G.Levi"

Here is Giuseppe Levis personal page at the University of Bologna.
Steven B. Krivit is the editor of the website New Energy Times, focusing on LENR-research. As I didn´t find a CV for Steven, I link to a YouTube-video in which he explains his standpoints.

PS: The moment I posted, I noticed that this already been mentioned in the previous post comment field by Henk!! :) Thanks!

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