Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rossi, Holm and Ecatreport

After the October 28 megawatt E-cat test, there has not been much information of interest delivered from Rossi. 
However, the blogosphere is still engaged in speculations about E-Cat. 
(Check out for example.)
One of the blogs most infiltrated with Andrea Rossi is that boosts up Rossi´s statements about the development of the E-Cat. 
Today E-Catreport writes that E-Cat Set To Rule The Market In 2012, and that "by next year the world market will be filled with 1 million units of 10 kW household E-Cats"

Yup. One million(!) 
(Well, we´ll see how many that really turn out to be.) 

One can conclude that the E-Catreport contains hardly any critical thoughts or critical information about the validity of Andrea Rossi´s statements, but rather put up cheerful headlines like ECat Deviates From All Scientific Theories. But That’s Fine. 
(Well, we´ll see how "fine" that really turn out to be.) 

Why the joyful and cheerful approach at E-Catreport, then? 
One reason for this might be that one of the editors (according to this YouTube-clipof
E-Catreport, Magnus Holm, also is engaged in the company Hydrofusion that runs the website - "The Official Website of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer"
As Andrea Rossi now collects pre-orders for his E-Cats, Hydrofusion aims to be a part of the business. 
Magnus Holm was interviewed in Ny Teknik November 18, where he explains that
The aim is to be a portal to all stakeholders regarding the E-cat. In particular, we want to be as officially linked to Rossi as possible in order to capture as much commercial interest as possible through”

"NyT: You have already been accused of contributing to fraud. What is your comment?

Holm: “We are not engaged in any deception, and I do not think Rossi is engaged in any fraud either. If it would turn out that it does not work, in spite of everything, I would think it is about self-deception. I believe it works.”

So if you feel that is engaged in any "deception", you are completely wrong. 
It´s "self-deception"!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

No miracles in science: The story of the "energy catalyzer" | Energy Bulletin

Antonio Turiel is a physicist working at the institute for marine sciences in Barcelona (CSIC) and he keeps the blog "The Oil Crash," (in Spanish). Here, he examines the story of the E-Cat with a well needed critical view.

Read article here

Friday, December 2, 2011

Prototype drawings, but no verification from Defkalion

On Wednesday the Greek company Defkalion showed prototype drawings and specifications of the heating unit Hyperion, potentially competing with Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat’. 
However, no verification of the technology was presented. 
No big surprises, in other words.

Read article in Ny Teknik here