Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second thoughts about blogging

My name is Daniel and I just put up links about the E-Cat on this blog. 
I suddenly had some second thoughts about doing so.
I know hardly anything about nuclear-physics. (Nor does the E-Cat,  apparently)
In my life I probably have worried more about the future of jazz, than the future of the planet.
But this story fascinates me. It´s a hell of a scam, or a truly fantastic invention, that´s for sure. The E-cat, if it works, has the potential to change the world to the better, for so many people, on so many levels. That creates hope. And perhaps false hope. At least for me. Although the "scam-alarm" is shouting out loud on every level, I might continue to post links here for a while...maybe it can save some Google-searchtime for others. That´s the only reason I can think of for the blog to exist.

However, soon the blog have 100.000 visits, and it happens to be growing fast in recent days, after the Defkalion press-conference last week. As I have read in several discussion forums, many people are thinking about risking their own money and invest in the Defkalion business. Things are getting serious, and therefore I probably have to take certain responsibilities(?). I try to find links that focus on the skeptics point of view. However, the established science community still prefer to be silent, and the people writing about E-Cat are often devoted bloggers that seems to believe in anything but self-criticism, and there is (maybe) a risk that this tiny little blog becomes part of a thousand others that repeats lies(?) until people start to believe them. If so(?) I will just stop... What do U think?
If you have the time to comment, please do so. Thanks./ DL


  1. Well you are right about what you say, but the bad scenario I think would be that media (not scientific ones) start to report, without digging into the dirt. It has obviously happened in Greece and in this critical state for the country, it might be the perfect place to grow "false hope"...u know what I mean...

  2. Since you apparently are aware of the possibility (probability even?)that this might be a scam you are one of the better blogs to follow I'd say. You are being responsible as long as you're not censoring anything.

  3. Well this blog is balanced, I would say, appreciate that...nobody knows for sure if its real, and if Andrea Rossi tries to fool everyone, I just think that he has NOT calculated with the internet...the grass-root forums have been quite successful in pointing out weak points in the demonstrations I think and spreading those...keep blogging...

  4. Dear Daniel,

    keep in mind that sharing information about the e-cat (that can be a possible scam) is not being part of a scam.
    You should also keep in mind that University of Bologna is doing test on it.
    Just report facts and opinions from all sides and keep you blog. It is very useful and well done!



  5. Hi, first of all thank you for taking the time posting links and gathering information about the topic. I had some similar thoughts recently but IMHO in either way, the E-CAT being mistaken(or fraud) or the real thing, at this moment in time, the more publicity as well as scrutiny from both angles of the story, the better. I also don't think you have to have a Phd in Physics to try to provide a balanced view of the topic as any journalist should and which I think you do well. Rossi (or Levi or whoever) decided to go public with a huge claim and now they have to live with the questions and sceptisism they raised. From my understanding however there has been a fallout between Rossi and Steven B. Krivit which reaches from Name calling to deleting citations in comments because they came from the other blog. I don't think neither is desirable but that's where we are and IMHO a neutral source providing raw sources from various sides like your blog is only benificial for people to make up their own mind and to hopefully reach a final conclusion asap, one way or another.

    Oh, and as far as investors go - maybe put up a disclaimer in your about page where you distance yourself from giving any advice and just presenting your opinion. I don't think Defkalion has made any Public Offering so I don't even know this is possible atm.

    I'd vote for 'Keep up the good work',
    Good luck and btw great teaser image.

    Let's see how this develops

    Thomas M.

  6. Daniel,

    I think you are doing a marvellous job collecting the news about E-Cat! The blog at
    is probably the best in Swedish, but its English twin has never taken off. So concentrate on internationalizing the Swedish news and continue being independent. NewEnergyTimes
    will do the same for international E-Cat news.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Dear Daniel,

    as you, I know few about nuclear-physics, but I am an engineer and know pretty well about the thermodynamics. I can tell you that Prof Ekstrom calculations (that u reported in a previous post referring to a video from Krivit) are more then correct.. unluckly.
    I am part of those who would like to believe, but my rational approach is preventing me to do so..
    I would not yet claim that the E-Cat is a scam, but for sure I can say that the video shown is proving nothing in favour of the spontaneous energy generation.
    My main concern is about the reliability of the tests. If you are a serious scientist you set-up the most professional measures you can do. You cannot estimate the output energy just with a thermocouple and a flow estimation when you are close to the biphasic status.
    Energy losses in the pipe finally are not measured at all. In the video Rossi claims they are small, then, in response to Ekstrom, he replies that they are more then important. So they are small or they are important? This is not professional when you are doing tests for a customer who invested 200 millions in your invention.

    I think you are doing a good job, trying to find out the truth ...whatever it is.



  8. Daniel, your homonym Daniele Passerini has a blog about poetry when he started blogging about the e-cat in Italy. Now, the blog went from few hundreds hit/month to tens thousands when he started to write about the e-cat and it is the most important blog about the e-cat.

    Continue to blog.

  9. Daniel,

    I started following the E-cat a couple of months ago, after stumbling upon its existence quite totally by accident. I was immediately intrigued and have been trying to keep up to date with it and your blog provides a host of information. My goal from the beginning has been to help promote it if it is real and help expose it it is a fraud. I think the jury it still out and it is sites like yours that are doing both; helping promote the idea while at the same time not being afraid to post critical information. I think many of us want it to be true but, more than that, we want to know the truth and your blog, I feel, is a helpful aid in that endeavor. Keep it simple and just continue to provide the information that becomes available to you.

  10. Hi Daniel,

    Your blog looks like it is split in the middle on the E-Cat 50% Yes it is real and 50% Not real. In a sense that is perfectly balanced as at this moment nobody can, from a scientific point of view, say now it is real or not. Simply because all the provided scientific data so far is insufficient (to say the least) to come to a proper (any) conclusion.
    As I understand the Bologna University has signed a R&D contract for E-Cat testing. Also Mr. Rossi is going to Sweden next week (July 4 and 5) to start up something. Currently the Greek government is reviewing/testing the E-Cat on behalf Defkalion in order to get them the necessary licenses.
    In all much more information will be released in the weeks to come and the more independent information is shared the better it is for us all.
    As an Information Analyst I am looking on the E-Cat developments from a totally different angle, I am not only reading all the possible scientific data which is quite scarce at the moment but also I am analyzing all the other details coming through like comments, critics, economical, psychological behaviour and the timeline. Also I try to understand the background of all involved people.
    Having said all that I completely understand what has happened so far, for me the E-Cat looks real.
    I saw a recommendation for to start reading Mr Steven Kirvit website, I did read all the E-Cat info there and I can only conclude it is on a journalistic level not much better than a gossip magazine. Mr. Kirvit's style went from popular science towards a mud throwing paparazzi.
    In a way understandable but a totally wrong attitude!

    So keep up your good work!

    Kind regards,

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments! / DL

  12. Hello Daniel,

    I just want to thank you your great work at this blog.
    I am following the news around the e-cat since the very beginning and your blog it is my first choice to be informed on the topic since, as you know, mainstream media are not following the story at all (here in Spain, I could only find one brief mention on one journal at the begining of all this... and still nothing about the press conference at Greece).
    I cannot understand why the biggest scam of the year / the greatest invention of the century has no journalistic interest.

    Thanks again,

  13. I want to believe this but no amount of figures and talk will convince me. SHOW ME THE STEAM darn it, not some 600 watt puff from a hot resistor like he is showing Krivit. sp? It would take so little effort to put this to rest. And why is Rossi always hanging around the switch box while we are in the back room looking at tiny puffs of steam that won't turn a 100 watt generator, much less 2-10 Kilowatts.
    J Larsen

  14. Hi friends,
    I just want to thank you your great work at this blog.I am following the news around the e-cat since the very beginning and your blog it is my first choice to be informed on the topic since,Thanks


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