Friday, June 24, 2011

Andrea Rossi Crunches the Numbers for His Energy Catalyzer

New video from Steven B. Krivit at New Energy Times.


  1. Gee, I really want to believe BUT:

    1. The setup does not convince me that water ejected at the hose is mainly steam. If most of the water ejected is liquid then the device only added the 590W required to raise water temperature by 75 degrees. With 790 W coming from the wall socket, there is no magic left.

    2. When Professor Rossi shows the hose, he is lifting it from a distance and basically rolling out any water already present in the hose. Then we can see some steam coming out. A coffee maker makes more steam, in my experience, when getting the water boiling with about 500 W.

    3. The experiment description implies a steady state process. However, the water jug temperature shown is 36 Degrees but the water temperature entering the device is only 25 Degrees. One has to ask how did the water get colder than the room between the jug and the device? could be a case of reversed seniors or very bad calibration.

    My conclusion, there is no proof so far that the device added any energy above the energy received from the power outlet.

    What would convince me: forget boiling the water, just get a measured flow of water, say about 100 liters/hour, and measure the temperature difference between the entry into the device and exit. This should remove the doubts as the water remains liquid and we do not have to assume that all (ot any) of it was converted to steam. The calibration of the temperature probes should be also proven just to eliminate the chance of error.

    As I say, I really want to believe but I'm a professional engineer and would love to see proof beyond doubt.

  2. The 18-hour test with Levi was pretty much executed the way you asked for, without vaporization of the water. But as no credible report were written, one has to trust Levis competence and what he says... I see no reason to not believe him, but it is hard to understand why this test were not better documented...

    Personally I don´t "want" to believe or reject, I just looking forward to get more credibility in the facts available. And while I´m no professional engineer, I´m really glad others are helping! Thanks! :)
    Really looking forward to the results of the soon-to-begin R&D in Bologna University!

  3. The 18-hour test reported a 5 degrees C° temperature increase in a near 1 liter/second flow. Still beter would be a test with a lower flow resulting in a temperature increase of 40-60 degrees C°, this lowers errors coming from measurement errors of temperature.

    "I see no reason to not believe him, but it is hard to understand why this test were not better documented"

    Because it doesn't work. If Rossi massages the output flow down to 4kW and diameter of the hose to 0.0004 m^2 to lower the vapor output to 4.166 meter/s, it shows that he can't account for the missing energy output.

  4. URL massaging down output flow:

  5. We already know Rossi's process been partially replicated by Brian Ahern since May 30. We also know that Dennis Bushnell a Chief Nasa scientist has come out in support of this technology. Not to mention Ny Teknik (a respected Swedish technology magazine) also gave Rossi's E-Cat credibility. The biggest endorsement comes from former No...bel Prize in physics Brain Josephson. The E- Cat has a patent in Italy and has applied for a EU certificate. Two companies have been created to sell this product with people like Robert H. Gentile, Craig Cassarino, Christos Stremmenos and Alexanndros Xanthoulis on the board of directors. No thinking person without an agenda could possible believe all these brilliant people are plotting with Andrea Rossi. It's real and it is time to get the word out . If mainstream media won't report this, we will.

  6. Thanks for your comment! However, Brian Ahern´s claims isn´t validated by a trustworthy source, yet. Bushnell have shown interest, sure, but he is in no way validating Rossi´s claims. Ny Teknik has been positively and uncritically reporting about tests rigged and conducted by Andrea Rossi. Brian Josephson has been known to use his status as a Nobel laureate to highlight psuedo-science. This perpetual motion device is also patented, but doesn´t work.


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