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DGT:s forum: Dr. Randell Mills comments

Dr. Randell Mills
Since its start the 23rd of June the Defkalion Green Technologies own user forum has been gathering a few skeptic voices! One of them discuss "Dr. Randell Mills comments"

Quote from Mills: "The fusion reaction is theoretically impossible and not shown
experimentally. Nor, is net power shown experimentally by the
method presented. At 4.4 kW output, the heater power could be
disconnected and threshold temperature to maintain the claimed
reaction will be far exceeded. The proper method of measuring power
from steam is to condense it and measure the heat delivered by the
steam. This was not done. Based on the energy balance and power
density in this case as well as in more aggressive claims, it is
overwhelmingly possible that the heat balance was not measured properly."

However, Randell Mills, founder of Blacklight Power and author of The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics is another controversial figure in the business of alternative energy.
An article in NY Times described in 2008 how Mills had kept plugging on and getting $60 million in venture funding despite his theories being first rejected and then ignored by the scientific community during years. 

Here are some excerpts from NY Times article that almost sounds strangely familiar today; 

"But Blacklight’s claims have a special significance: If they’re true, there’s a source of cheap, clean energy that can be easily tapped anywhere in the world. And rather than attempt to convince the world with calculations, Blacklight is now saying that it has physical proof of its energy generator, verified by an independent university lab."
"Its “hydrino” theory isn’t put forth by a single crackpot; instead, the company employs a good handful of high-level scientists who would presumably rebel if the idea was totally false."
"Mills, for his part, says that he’d like for scientists to independently verify every step of the process, from obtaining the Raney nickel and doping it to the calorimeter tests to prove that the energy bursts really exist. The information to run those tests is free to the public, he says; the only thing required is a researcher willing to take the time to puzzle through the process."
"Unfortunately, the reactions Jansson’s team has gotten are only a quick burst of intense heat. For a commercializable process, there would need to be a steady output. Mills explains that by saying he has purposefully kept knowledge of the methods to loop the reaction within the company, so that his own researchers can remain a step ahead in their work on the 50KW reactor that the company earlier announced.According to Mills, it’s likely a totally independent researcher will verify the whole process within a year. Meanwhile the company will start licensing out its energy process, and do work with hydrinos in various chemical applications."
"As I noted in May, it would be odd, if Blacklight were a complete sham, for Mills to place himself in an end game in which he would be definitively proven wrong within just a year or two. So there does seem to be something deeper here. Physicists will deny the hydrino theory, and they may be right; perhaps that’s why there was a distinct note of smugness in Mills’ voice as he said, “The controversy and academic debate won’t stop commercialization.”What evidence there is, Mills calls “totally unequivocal,” although it seems prudent to wait for more independent verifications to emerge for what Mills himself calls the most important energy breakthrough since the discovery of nuclear power."

Peter Ekström, who also is strongly critical to Andrea Rossi, describes Blacklight Power as
"probably the most advanced example of psuedo-science in the history of science"

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  1. Gosh, Ekstrom should take a look at QM and String Theory for pseudoscience. Your cat alive or dead or both? Nothing exists unless you look at it but if you look at it you can't measure it. Your electron travels simultaneously through two different slits and interferes with itself? 10 to 26 dimensions with wiggling one dimensional strings? Please!

    If a theory that claims simple Classical Physics laws underlie all Quantum Mechanical spookiness and that cause and effect govern everything from quarks to the universe perhaps he and others should take note of it. What ever happened to Occam's Razor?

    Some Mills predictions from his 2000 page Grand United Theory:

    His claim in 1995 that the Expansion of the Universe was accelerating was proven correct & a Nobel Prize awarded in 2011, just not to Mills.

    Electrons are extended two dimensional objects that can dynamically change shape. Can be experimentally verified by observing their behavior in superfluid helium.

    Dark matter is hydrinos (lower energy hydrogen that does not absorb or emit light like normal matter).

    Hydrinos can be created in a lab and tested using existing tech like NMR to demonstrate the electron is closer to the nucleus.

    The "Dark Energy" that drives the expansion of the universe is a corrective mechanism to spacetime as mass is converted to energy- think of it as the disappearance of the gravitational dimple in spacetime as mass becomes energy.

    The solar corona and coronal mass ejections are powered by energetic hydrino transitions.

    The Big Bang is a fallacy. The Universe did not derive from a zero dimensional singularity.

    Singularities don't exist, not even in Black holes.

    The Universe cycles endlessly between the conversion of matter to energy in the expansion phase and from energy to matter in the contraction phase.

    Black holes have a critical gravitational density at which point they convert to energy.

    The Higgs boson not only won't be found but doesn't exist.

    Superconductivity doesn't depend on Cooper Pairs.

    All matter can be modeled on an average pc and the shape and charge distribution of the electrons accurately determined to resolve all matter interactions including complex biological chemistry including DNA. (see

    There's lot's more including the atomic basis for gravity and a possible means of generating an antigravitational force (which sounds pretty cool but I'm definitely waiting for a demo of that before I accept it!).

    As for Rossi he hasn't provided proof or enough info to make a judgement call either way. Likely if he can produce excess heat it will be by a hydrino mechanism using a catalyst already claimed by Mills


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