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To report or not report?

The media coverage (outside Italy) of the E-CAT has  been mainly done by the blogosphere, and radio-stations with UFO:s as their logos. A few prominent scientists - Nobel Prize winner and believer in paranormal activities BRIAN JOSEPHSON  is among them - has strongly criticized the mainstream-media as being to narrow in their reporting, but as a whole the established science community has been highly skeptical about writing about new, sensational claims of coldfusion-research since the dubious claims of FLEISCHMANN AND PONS in 1989
One of the exceptions, this far, has been Swedish NY TEKNIK, one of Sweden’s leading news site covering technological development, with the reporter Mats Lewan as a driving force. As a consequence Ny Teknik in general and Mats in particular has been criticized for being to generous with exposure for the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi. 
As Wikipedia articles started to show up, it generated interesting discussions regarding the issue of  "Reporting or Not Reporting"
Brain Josephson is one of the contributors to THIS HIGHLY ENTERTAINING POST.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Swedish E-Cat discussion-forum started

The Swedish magazine NY TEKNIK has been somehow over-flooded with comments on their articles about Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat, and therefore a new Swedish discussion-forum on this issue has started, with a better interface! Peter Ekström is already a member, and soon hopefully many more! Get involved, Swedes! 
You find it HERE

60-Minutes Piece on Cold Fusion

This video is not about Andrea Rossi or the E-Cat technology, but it is from a 60 MINUTES coverage on coldfusion in general. It includes an fascinating interview with ROB DUNCAN, where he seems positive after a visit to an Israeli lab that reported positive results in their coldfusion research. "I found that the work done, was carefully done. And that the excess heat, as I see it now, is quite real!"
It seems though that Duncan is in a similar position as Hanno Essén and Sven Kullander, in that sense that they are all merely observers to an experiment conducted by others, with limited possibility to control the measurement-tools used.

Andrea Rossi: "No E-Cat test at Uppsala and Stockholm, before start-up of power-plant in October"

Last weeks PROMISING MESSAGE, that Rossi would bring the E-Cat technology for further tests to two Swedish universities got a lot attention.Several questions about this issue on his blog has been responded with a bit cloudy answers from Rossi. According to Rossi, it seems that this evaluation will not take place before late October, or November, after the announced start-up of the promised power plant.

"Jed Rothwell asked
I have heard that the tests at Uppsala and Stockolm Universities will begin this week. Is that so? That’s great!

Andrea Rossi replied
Dear Jed Rothwell:
Not true, before the start up of my 1 MW plant I will have time for nothing.
Warm Regards,

V. Godbole asked
Respected Andrea
What I sugest is that as you produce your basic 10 kW modules you have to test each one of them individually before joining them into the larger 1 MW device. Let open-minded experts (physicists, nuclear and power engineers) in small new groups watch those factory-internal tests and ask questions – often new questions and doubts and also valuable feedbacks turn up. This will help clarify and pacify the situation even before October 2011, which is still very far away.
I know that you must be working very hard – but with some good organizational help it should be efficiently possible.

Andrea Rossi replied
Dear Mr Godbole:
I assure you that we are able to do our work. We do not need “experts” that come to teach us to do our profession. Most likely they would come to make industrial espionage. We have certified experts that make the safety tests and the suggestion to test every module is obvious. Thank you anyway for your attention,
Warm regards,

It looks like we’ll all be wondering until October or November.

A Brief Interview with Andrea Rossi, Inventor of the E-cat Energy Catalyzer

Here is the previously posted interview with Andrea Rossi, now in its full length (although still "brief") on YouTube

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rossi brings E-Cat to Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology

As earlier mentioned, Andrea Rossi has shown little interest to reach validation from the established scientific community, and repeated his mantra "The market is the only judge we need. If the E-Cat works, customers will pay us, if not, they will not pay us".
However; today he explained in his BLOG that he will bring the E-Cat to two prominent Swedish Universities, UPPSALA UNIVERSITY and THE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Stockholm,  as a result of the EARLIER DEMONSTRATION with participation from SVEN KULLANDER and HANNO ESSÈN

Rossi: "We will give to the University of Uppsala and to the University of Stockholm our devices to allow them to use the same devices 24 hours per day, to get data regarding the energy production. We trust them, and we know they are really neutral, without binds with competitors of any kind. I personally know them and I have in them total trust."
("them" refers to Sven and Hanno.)

My feelings right now could be summarized in a few words; 
"My gosh! This is real!"

Sergio Focardi - "The father of Ni-H Coldfusion"

Sergio Focardi
""Now, the public’s reaction is not all that positive. That time, many of the public were professors from this Institute [the Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences of the University of Bologna], and they’re also bit envious. You see, these phenomena don’t exist for official Physics — of which I myself am part of, though I have a different idea, I know these phenomena. But take theoretical physicists, especially: Physics states that these things don’t exist, are not possible, may not be, because they occur inside stars — which is true — and we do not have stellar temperatures. What we do have, however, is experimental data: energy gets produced!"

An english translation of the INTERVIEW with Sergio Focardi that was broadcasted the 5th of April can be found HERE

LLM:"Newest Cold Fusion Machine Does the Impossible ... Or Does it?"

"A new physical effect
-Basically, there's a new physical effect that I think was found in the lab more than 20 years ago by Fleischmann and Pons [University of Utah electrochemists who were later derided for their work on cold fusion], said Peter Hagelstein, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and computer science and one of the most mainstream proponents of cold fusion research. -It was not accepted by the scientific community. It's been laughed at and criticized. However, over the years the effect has continued to be seen. 

-In a nutshell, it seems that [in cold fusion] there's a new kind of process involved in nuclei reactions, Hagelstein told Life's Little Mysteries. "The essential difference is that in conventional nuclear physics, when nuclear energy is released, it comes out as nuclear radiation. In this process, when you make energy you don't get radiation at all, implying there's a new physical mechanism at work."
 "If some arrangement could be made we would love to do a test of the E-Cat at MIT to verify that it works."

Here is Andrea Rossi´s own COMMENTS about the interest to verify the function of E-Cat

"Andrea Rossi
Dear Mr Frank:
I receive every day requests from all the world of Universities, Associations, Laboratories from any Country, of any kind which want to make an “indipendent” test to offer us the only possible real validation of the technology. Should I accept, 24 hours per day, 365days per year would not be enough to be so much validated. I respect all the wannavalidate of the Planet, but I want to remember that:
1- In October we will start deliver to our Customers our plants, so that the validation will be made by the Customers: they will use our plants 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. That is the sole real validation that counts for us, also because if the plants work, Customers will pay us, if not, they will not pay us. The plants have to respect precise guarantees we gave about their efficiency and their safety. We are not searching any validation. We never did. We just wanted to make a good product.We have already made our public presentations, no more of them will be made. With the University of Bologna we will continue the R&D program, but not to “validate”: the validation must arrive from the market. The aim of the R&D program with the University of Bologna, financed by us, and therefore made with our money, is to develope our future, not to “validate”. Not to mention the fact that the real target of the wannabe validators, in 99 cases out of 100, is to get information and make industrial espionage, as already occurred to me with another “validator” with whom we severed any collaboration after getting evidence of the fact that data obtained from us have been utilized for a competition.
2- I thank anyway Prof. Peter Hagelstein for his attention. If the MIT is interested to our product, they can buy a plant, and make all the validations they want, for themselves, and get from it good heating too, during the hard Bostonian winters ( I lived there for some year, mamma mia, che freddo!)
Warm regards,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Scam? Or another Revolution? Polish Cold Fusion

Andrea Rossi is not the only one that delivers extraordinary claims that conflicts with common knowledge of nuclear physics these days.

PESN:"Ukranian inventor, Professor Bolotov, has developed a cold fusion reactor based on the transmutation of Zirconium to other elements. He claims a system could have an input of 5 kW and an output of 200 kW. This is from a system that only costs 10,000 euro to build. It was demonstrated for academic review on March 25"

It was first mentioned (as far as I am aware of) in November 2010 HERE (polish)
PESN covers the story HERE and New Energy and Fuel HERE

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peter Ekström:"Kall Fusion på italienska"

PETER EKSTRÖM is a senior lecturer in Nuclear Physics at Faculty of Science, Lund University in Sweden.
Today he commented on this weeks discussions about the E-Cat, first and foremost the Essén and Kullander report from the demonstration the 29th of March. Comments are in Swedish only. Scroll down to Appendix where he defines the main nuclear physics problems, related to E-Cat, in English.

His conclusions are that the E-Cat is resembling recent examples of hoaxes, such as the case with the BLACK LIGHT POWER, which has for nearly 20 years financed itself with the help from credulous investors, that believed in Randell Mills "new physics", that completely overthrow traditional quantum mechanics. 
He mentions further that Rossis E-Cat in many ways conflicts with common knowledge of nuclear physics that has evolved during the past 100 years - since Rutherfords discoveries - and that the whole story seems to be a typical example of psuedo-science. He is convinced that the whole story is a scam, that will be revealed within one year.

Kjell Aleklett:"Rossi energy catalyst – a big hoax or new physics?"

Here is the same blogpost from KJELL ALEKLETT, that was linked to yesterday.
(Now translated to English.)
He is (still) a Professor of Physics at Uppsala University, Sweden, and leader of Global Energy Systems research and the Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Study Group. He explains his critical interest of Andrea Rossi´s remarkable claims. 
"What shall we do as scientists? Shall we say "madness" as many do today, or should we try to understand what is happening? I myself have nothing against to reveal a scam, or join in and verify something that no one could imagine. Both extremes belong to that which makes life as a researcher incredibly interesting."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Energy Times: "Rossi’s E-Cat Strategy: Fast Adoption Through Incorporation into Existing Power Stations"

Andrea Rossi reveals that he is first and foremost an inventor and a businessman, rather than a traditional scientist. If his technology works, he has a strategic and pragmatic business-model, with focus to incorporate of the E-Cat into the existing energy infrastructure.

"...it could mean that a revolution in energy production is on the horizon. Rossi has said that he will be charging 1 cent per kWh initially for the electricity he produces. That is approximately one tenth of the average cost of electricity in the US. If people learn that there is a cleaner and much cheaper way to produce power it will likely lead to a huge amount of pressure on utilities and governments to adopt this technology as quickly as possible."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andrea Rossi signs "contracts of tremendous importance" in USA

Several blogs report about Andrea Rossis COMMENTS about the commercial process of the E-Cat.
Free Energy Truth:
"The commercial process of rolling out this revolutionary technology "The Energy Catalyzer", or "E-Cat" seems to be moving full steam ahead (pun intended). In a question and answer session on Rossi's online journal yesterday Rossi admitted that a an "important contract" had been signed in the United States. Additionally, Rossi re-confirmed that October is the scheduled date for the 1MW plant to open."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kjell Aleklett: "Rossis energikatalysator – en stor bluff eller helt ny fysik?"

Informative and interesting blogpost by KJELL ALEKLETT. He is a Professor of Physics at Uppsala University, Sweden, and leader of Global Energy Systems research and the Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Study Group. He explains his critical interest of Andrea Rossi´s remarkable claims.
"Som forskare vill man ha en förklaring på det som händer och just nu ser vi inte någon förklaring med de kunskaper som vi idag har om kemi och fysik. Det kan vara helt ny fysik som måste förklaras eller en bluff som måste avslöjas."

It also includes comments by SVEN KULLANDER
"Det torde inte dröja länge innan vi får svar om fenomenet är verkligt. Rossis företag i USA bygger en anläggning på 1 MW för Atén som skall vara klar till hösten!. Vi har anledning följa utvecklingen oavsett var vi kommer att hamna i slutändan."


Friday, April 8, 2011

Interview with Sergio Focardi (Italian)

Interview in Italian with Sergio Focardi.
For translated version, use the "CC" button in the menu, and choose "Translate captions", then choose preferred language.

Free Energy Times: Andrea Rossi says he will “Unleash Commercial Attack”

"The majority of people in the world have heard nothing about Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer technology. The main reason for this is that there has been precious little coverage of this technological story in the mainstream media.
There is however a growing amount of interest in the story from people following it through various Internet outlets, and Andrea Rossi himself is interacting with the public through his own website, The Journal of Nuclear Physics. It is always interesting to look at what he is saying in response to questions, and his latest comment is quite interesting."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hank Mills: "Rossi Cold Fusion Validated by Swedish Skeptic's Society"

Hank Mills comments on the 3rd of April demonstration of the E-Cat where Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén were present. He also describes the weak media coverage as "more proof that the mainstream media is dead, totally owned and controlled by the corrupt powers that be."

Please note that the headline is not really correct...Although Hanno Essén is a chairman-member of the board (chairman until April 2) of the Swedish Skeptics Society, the SSS were not involved in any validation of the demonstration.

Scott Adams: "It´s Free Energy"

Alan Fletcher: "How to Prove that the Rossi/Focardi eCAT LENR is Real"

Alan Fletcher has updated his quite massive blogpost about the E-Cat
Check out HERE

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Energy Times: "The Silent Energy Revolution"

"But it's probably decades away from being marketed I hear you say. Nope. Rossi's company in the United States (Leonardo Corporation) is at this very moment gearing up for shipping reactors to customers by late October and mass production to follow on from that."

Ny Teknik: Swedish physicists on the E-cat: “It’s a nuclear reaction”

Andrea Rossi, Sven Kullander,
Hanno Essén
"In a detailed report, two Swedish physicists exclude chemical reactions as the energy source in the Italian ‘energy catalyzer’. The two physicists recently supervised a new test of the device in Bologna, Italy."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FREE ENERGY TIMES: Andrea Rossi Explains Key to Safety of the Energy Catalyzer

"The nuclear accident at Fukushima has brought to light the many safety issues surrounding nuclear fission technology. There is now a redoubling of the scrutiny that the nuclear power industry is receiving in terms of its safety. Andrea Rossi has said he has mastered the safety problems his energy catalyzer technology"

Prof. Giuliano Bettini: "How can 30% of nickel in Rossi’s reactor be transmuted into copper?"

"In the present article I would like to answer a question posed by L. Kowalsky in a recent paper: how can 30% of nickel in Rossi’s reactor be transmuted into copper? “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”, says a guy. I apologizes if I am too simplistic here."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cold Fusion Now: "No fear of radiation from cold fusion."

"Today’s nuclear fission reactors are more than a poor choice for a primary energy source because of the growing risk of contamination by radioactive materials. Humans are not ready to take the responsibility for disaster that could last for geological time.... Why go down this path when there exists an alternative ultra-clean nuclear power? Low-energy nuclear reactions LENR..."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Andrea Rossi will present a new theory

Andrea Rossi continues to answer questions from interested readers at his web site
"Q: Do you have a new theory about how your process works?
Andrea Rossi: Yes, after the intense work of these months also to manufacture the 1 MW plant we will start in Greece in October I have developed through a Galilean methodology (think, test, think, test and learn from experience, then theorize) what I think will be the definite structure of the theory which explains what happens inside the energy catalyzers. I will publish it at the presentation of the 1 MW plant.
Warm Regards,
The thread where Rossi is engaging with the public is HERE

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Facebookgroup Cold Fusion "Andrea Rossi" Method

Happy to see that the Facebook-group Cold Fusion "Andrea Rossi" Method has reached more than 500 members. Check out their Wallposts, some might be of interest!