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My name is Daniel and since March 2011, I just put up links about the news and discussions surrounding the E-Cat on this blog. By then, I couldn´t imagine that this story would survive this long. I know hardly anything about nuclear-physics. (Nor does the E-Cat,  apparently) 
In my life I probably have worried more about the future of jazz, than the future of the planet. 
But this story fascinates me. It´s a hell of a scam, or a truly fantastic invention, that´s for sure. The E-cat - if it works -  has the potential to change the world to the better, for so many people, on so many levels. That creates hope. And perhaps false hope. Although the "scam-alarm" is shouting out loud on every level, I will continue to post links here for a while..maybe it can save some Google-searchtime for those interested.
/DL  energycatalyzer@gmail.com

PS: Just in the case the E-Cat is for real, I have noticed that there are lots of hats that is to be consumed. Be sure to do it Italian-style, the way that Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill would have done . I would recommend this classic felt-model from Borsalino, Panama Fino. It looks insanely great on a plate, and I am sure it will be somehow manageable to handle for your digestive system.


  1. Andrea Rossi needs a bodyguard and someone who tries his food, before he is going to have lunch.

    Too much inventor have died -

    God bless Rossi, Focardi and all people that are with them.

  2. I'm glad for your blog!

  3. Love your blog! Keep up the good work and lets see if this apparatus is the real deal or not!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments!

  5. Great blog Daniel. I hope this is for real, and if it does, let's pray it reaches the poor all over the world. Saludos desde Argentina!!


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