Friday, May 27, 2011

Peter Ekström: "Kall fusion åter i hetluften"

The Swedish Physical Society unites Swedish physicists, physics teachers and other practitioners, supporters and friends of the physical sciences.
In their publication called Fysikaktuellt, there is an article by Peter Ekström about E-Cat. He summarize the tests of the E-Cat, and points out the way Andrea Rossi´s claims conflicts with common nuclear-science. Peter Ekström once again notice similarities with Randell Mills Blacklight Power.
You can read the short article at page 24-25 in this PDF (Swedish only, sorry)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eso Watch "Focardi-Rossi Energy-Catalyzer"

"Q: Why EsoWatch?
A: The internet has room for many ideas. This is a good thing. But on the other hand, you can find a lot of outright bullshit there. We try to correct this a little."

Are you intrested in the E-Cat-story, but feel you're getting lost in the jungle of "free-magic-energy-truth-revolution" websites that seems to believe in anything but self-critisicm?
Eso-watch has compiled a good description of the tests done so far. You find it here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Alan Fletcher: "How to Prove that the Rossi/Focardi eCAT LENR is Real"

As far as I am aware, Alan Fletcher has written the most comprehensive collecton of information regarding the tests of the E-Cat that is to be found on the net. It was updated May 16th.
You can find the quite massive blogpost here

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peter Ekström discuss the fuel analysis after meeting with Sven Kullander

On Swedish E-Cat-discussionforum  Peter Ekström has been one of the most active participants, and he has brought an interesting voice to the discussions with his critical thoughts and deep knowledge.
Today he wrote that he actually had a meeting with professor Sven Kullander the 18th of May, where they discussed the E-Cat.

The focus right now is on the used fuel that prof. Kullander got from Rossi, when they met earlier in Bologna. According to Rossi this fuel has been used in an E-Cat. Ekström writes that Kullander soon will present a detailed report, that describes the analysis and the results in depth.
According to Ekström, the data he was shown correlates with the results described earlier in Ny Teknik.
That means;
Unused fuel: 100% Ni
Used fuel: c:a 11% Fe, 10% Cu, the rest is Ni

Both Ekström and Kullander agrees that Andrea Rossi´s explanation of the process, where Ni is said to absorb protons probably is wrong.

According to Ekström, Uppsala University will not get an E-Cat for validation before the end of June.
The conditions to be met from Rossi is that the Uppsala lab will be free to perform whatever evaluations that they want to in their lab.

Ekström further mentions that Kullander has proposed an alternative explanation of the energyproduction, that not includes Ni. 
Hopefully Kullander soon will present this alternative theory, as Ekström doesn´t want to reveal anything more than the fact that it includes an reaction that could be classified as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction)

Peter Ekström is still highly critical of Andrea Rossi´s claims, though, and he is convinced that the E-Cat is a fraud.

You can find the post from Ekström here. (Swedish only)

Ny Teknik: E-Cat gets U.S. partner

Ny Teknik reports that Andrea Rossi has reached an agreement with a new company in the United States. The agreement builds on several years of contacts with people linked to the U.S. Department of Energy.
Read article in Ny Teknik here
Pure Energy Systems covers the story here

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kjell Aleklett:"The sun", Rossi’s ”energy catalyzer” and the “neutron barometer”

Kjell Aleklett writes in his blog about coldfusion and the E-Cat:
"My experience above leads me to point out once again that Rossi’s experiment must be reproduced by other independent researchers and that, ultimately, a physical explanation must exist."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ny Teknik:Patent granted for the E-Cat

Swedish Ny Teknik reports that the E-Cat is now patented in Italy. The examination continues regarding protection in the rest of the world.
Read article in Ny Teknik here.
Read the patent here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Energy Times: NASA Working on LENR Replication and Theory Confirmation

Dr Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA’s Langley research center told New Energy Times today that NASA is attempting a low-energy nuclear reaction replication.
Bushnell wrote that, “we are trying to core down on the theory, as well as utilize it for system optimization. We are not trying to do a net energy demo at all, we are simply trying to make sure there is a valid theoretical understanding . . . We do not have enough details, by far, to even start to think of a replication of Rossi.”

Read blogpost here

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bye bye, for now!

There are now so many blogs and websites dedicated to discuss the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi. While it perhaps made sense to have a blog to collect links during the first weeks after the Bologna-demonstration, there are now others that do the similar thing better.

So I will for now stop putting up links here, and instead just follow the discussions on

There will be much speculation going on about the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi, at least until October when the promised power-plant, and Defkalion Green Technologies is to be introduced to the market. Soon we all will see whether this really is a scam or a revolution! 
I really feel that I can´t wait.

On the one hand,  it seems highly unlikely that it is a scam. 
As said before, there are several prominent scientists who seem to trust that the device works and there seems to be no reason for all of them to risk their careers. 
The board registration of Defkalion seems to be real, although I don´t read Greek very well...or not at all, to be honest.
Andrea Rossi himself claims that he will "first deliver and then get paid. The customers are the only judge I need." He pays a his own money for the experiments that the university of Bologna will conduct. 
Before Mats Lewan decided to write about the E-Cat in Swedish Ny Teknik, he contacted the most trustworthy physicists in Sweden that he could think of regarding this issue, Hanno Essén and Sven Kullander.
He was really surprised that their response were curiously positive. After visiting Andrea Rossis lab, Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén remarkably claimed that "It is a nuclear reaction", going on. 
After visiting the Andrea Rossi lab, in purpose to execute more refined testing of the E-Cat, Mats Lewan came to the same conclusion.
Rossi has promised to bring the E-Cat to prominent Swedish universities for further tests. If it all turn out to be a well-conducted scam, he will have a hard time to come back, and it would seem as a highly stupid tactic to attract venture capitalists by using the kind of self-assured statements as he has done. 
I also regard a lot of criticism against his way of acting from the established science community, as a critique from a methodological point of view. But Andrea Rossi is no scientist, he is first and foremost an entrepreneur and a businessman, and acts and thinks as such.
The false claims of Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, also seems to have injected most of the science community with fear rather than curiosity about the possibilities of coldfusion

On the other hand, there is the majority of the science community that is dismissing the test results as impossible. And because Science has been my Religion since childhood days, I personally have a hard time to believe that the common Knowledge of nuclear physics-that has evolved during the past 100 years- would be that flawed and incomplete, as would be necessary in order to get the E-Cat sing.  But I also choose to listen to Nobelprize-winner Brian Josephson"If scientists as a whole denounce an idea, this should not necessarily be taken as proof that the said idea is absurd; rather, one should examine carefully the alleged grounds for such opinions and judge how well these stand up to detailed scrutiny."

I really have a hard time to understand the whole thing. And perhaps that is why I look forward so much to follow the development of Andrea Rossi´s remarkable claims. There is so much I just don´t understand, and for me it is one of the most creative, enjoyable states to be in.

However (no matter how much I doubt this spectacle), until October, I will live in a hope that the dream of an almost infinite energy source finally is about to become true. And if it is, I hope that the inhabitants of Spaceship Earth are wise enough to handle that with care.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

New tests of the E-Cat performed by Ny Teknik!

Photo: Mats Lewan
Ny Teknik recently participated in two new tests of the Italian ‘energy catalyzer’, providing more accurate measurements to reduce possible error sources. The new tests with the energy catalyzer, which seems to generate heat by an unknown nuclear reaction, took place in Bologna on 19 and 28 April, 2011.