Thursday, June 9, 2011 University of Bologna evaluates the E-Cat

The 4th of June there was an interesting post at Wikipedia Talk:Energy Catalyzer
"According to Loris Ferrari, Associate Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at UNIBO, a team of researchers at the Dipartimento di Fisica (UNIBO) formed by Sergio Focardi, Ennio Bonetti, Enrico Campari, Giuseppe Levi, Mauro Villa, and Ferrari himself, have been studying the Energy Catalyzer since May 2011.
Therefore it seems that this team is going to perform university tests and measurements concerning the Energy Catalyzer."

You find the original article here (italian, translated via Google)

The 8th of June, Rossi commented on his blog as follows

"Roger Barker
Dear Andrea Rossi,
Loris Ferrari (University of Bologna) stated in an article that you will be giving his team an opportunity to test the E-Cat. I have some questions about this:
1) When will testing on the E-Cat begin at the University of Bologna begin?
2) What type of tests are you allowing Loris Ferrari and his team to conduct?

Andrea Rossi
Dear Roger Barker:
1- It will not be a test, but a R&D program, to implement our technology, financed by us. It will not be public and most of the data will be confidential
2- The particulars of the R&D program are not supposed to be disclosed to the public
Warm regards,

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