Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview with Giuseppe Levi.

Here is an interview, published 23 of June, with Giuseppe Levi in Italian Query.
(Translated via Google)

An interesting excerpt from the Google-translation;
"-Let's talk about this, then. All experts who have witnessed the first test (the physicists Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander, Swedish journalist Mats Lewan, the Director of the INFN Antonio Zoccoli, and at this point also Krivit) agree on the need for definitive tests. There is also a research agreement between Rossi and the University of Bologna. At what point is the drawing? -I look forward to hours the copy signed by Rossi, told me that today [June 20] sent me. It has already been approved in the department and has already been signed by our leader, so it's now a matter of hours. There are also administrative lead time, the usual things, the agreement still there."


  1. I did not checked the original in Italian, but I suspect that "Sockets Antonio" is in reality "Antonio Zoccoli"...

  2. Thanks! Google is great, but confusing sometimes!

    Another example is about Mr. Sven Kullander, according to Google;
    "There are many scientists who criticize Sven that he even has sexual relations with the experiment, but as scientists we have a responsibility to investigate the alleged phenomenon is real or a hoax."

    Sven Kullander did "get involved" in the E-Cat experiment, but nothing else, as far as I know...:)


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