Saturday, June 11, 2011

E-mail conversation with Bologna-researchers about R&D-program

Today the following notes were published at this Facebook-page, concerning the R&D program at Bologna University;

Rats Gautam:
"I sent emails to all the individuals mentioned in Loris Ferrari's article but only received responses from Mauro Villa and Loris Ferrari himself.
My question:
"Am I right in saying the University of Bologna is now in possession of an E-Cat and is doing tests to understand the physics behind how the device works?"

Mauro Villa:
"the answer is no, or more precisely not yet. We're looking forward to see that happen (sooner than later). Probably we'll start a measurement campaign on an E-Cat device not before september."

Loris Ferrari:
"I am glad to answer to your kind message. First of all, the title of my article is ironic: "foolish energy", in every-day Italian, means also "a lot of energy". I think that this double meaning was not clear to the translator. Second: the sentence you report in your message should be corrected as follows: "... we have moved from Event to Fact, from "they say" to "it's measured" ..." Third and more importantly, the Department of Physics of Bologna and dr Andrea Rossi are going to sign a contract according to which the people indicated in my article will be allowed to make any "external" measurements on the E-cat, without access to the internal content, in order to certify the emitted power exactly, the radiation (if any) and any other possible feature of interest. The people indicated will be free to publish their results, except those interfering with industrial secretness. For example, should we find that the emitted power is an illusion, or much less than claimed, we will be free to publish. In a sense, we will be forced, since the Department of Physics has explicitly required a periodical report on the state of the art of the experiments. So, what you suppose in the conclusive sentence of your message is not still effective, but is incoming in few days, presumably. Thanks for your attention and interest"

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