Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sergio Focardi - "The father of Ni-H Coldfusion"

Sergio Focardi
""Now, the public’s reaction is not all that positive. That time, many of the public were professors from this Institute [the Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences of the University of Bologna], and they’re also bit envious. You see, these phenomena don’t exist for official Physics — of which I myself am part of, though I have a different idea, I know these phenomena. But take theoretical physicists, especially: Physics states that these things don’t exist, are not possible, may not be, because they occur inside stars — which is true — and we do not have stellar temperatures. What we do have, however, is experimental data: energy gets produced!"

An english translation of the INTERVIEW with Sergio Focardi that was broadcasted the 5th of April can be found HERE

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  1. More on Sergio Focardis research about Ni-H reactions


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