Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rossi brings E-Cat to Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology

As earlier mentioned, Andrea Rossi has shown little interest to reach validation from the established scientific community, and repeated his mantra "The market is the only judge we need. If the E-Cat works, customers will pay us, if not, they will not pay us".
However; today he explained in his BLOG that he will bring the E-Cat to two prominent Swedish Universities, UPPSALA UNIVERSITY and THE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Stockholm,  as a result of the EARLIER DEMONSTRATION with participation from SVEN KULLANDER and HANNO ESSÈN

Rossi: "We will give to the University of Uppsala and to the University of Stockholm our devices to allow them to use the same devices 24 hours per day, to get data regarding the energy production. We trust them, and we know they are really neutral, without binds with competitors of any kind. I personally know them and I have in them total trust."
("them" refers to Sven and Hanno.)

My feelings right now could be summarized in a few words; 
"My gosh! This is real!"


  1. If its a hoax?? he really destroys himself now!!

  2. I try to imagine the world in five years from now.
    In Africa some bushmen are making baskets out of banana-leaves chatting and grinding food or something, next to the refridgerator hums a powerstation wich provides electricity for the bushman-tribe.
    It is like a scene from a very bad scince-fiction movie, the world doesnt work like this!
    And still, if the ecat is to be tested in stockholm and uppsala, then we will know in a few days what the heck is going on.
    I cant wait.

  3. I have the feeling it is working. If the devices can work 24 hours per day or even more and producing continuously 10kW with an input of a few hundreds Watt, it just can't be a normal chemical reaction.

  4. How long would it be before oil demand is really curtailed? There will be ENORMOUS pressure for Governments to replace power plant workings with E-Cats.Are we talking 5 years? 10 years? Before the death of OPEC is on the cards?

  5. It will be provided to Stockholm and Uppsala at the same time as the 1MW plant is rolled out.

  6. # Mats Jag har sett det här påstås, men jag är verkligen inte säker på att det kommer dröja så länge. Det vore väl inte ett dugg djärvt av Rossi att låna ut apparater när fabriken redan är igång. Jag tror att han bestämt sig för något mycket djärvare än så, nämligen att skicka upp ett par apparater med det snaraste. Om jag får tid skall jag försöka få detta bekräftat.

  7. Andrea Rossi said
    (April 17th, 2011 at 8:39 AM)

    "We are organizing. I suppose it will be at the same time when we will deliver the 1 MW plant in Greece."

    "Randy" asked "Aren’t you worried about security loaning energy catalysts to the University of Uppsala and to the University of Stockholm? These units are small enough that even a physicist could lug one off."

    Rossi answered "I usually react by instinct. I have total trust in the Uppsala and Stockolm Universities."

    These later words seems to suggest that the Swedish universities will get the e-cat before the factory starts to market them. It certainly will be good for business if the machines have been investigated by independent researchers. Not only from Bologna.

  8. Lägg märke till att det inte finns någon tidsangivelse i Rossis uttalande. Och: vad menar Rossi att han litar på Essén och Kullander? Att de inte skulle såga E-Cat längs fotknölarna om dom hittar något fel? Att dom inte är kompetenta att hitta något fel? Skulle det inte vara bättre att övertyga en skeptiker? Problemet är att LENR är lite av en isolerad sekt lite som frimurare!

  9. Please! What Rossi means is that Essén och Kullander will steal neither the e-cats nor their secrets and that they will safeguard that others will not do it.


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