Monday, April 25, 2011

Andrea Rossi: "No E-Cat test at Uppsala and Stockholm, before start-up of power-plant in October"

Last weeks PROMISING MESSAGE, that Rossi would bring the E-Cat technology for further tests to two Swedish universities got a lot attention.Several questions about this issue on his blog has been responded with a bit cloudy answers from Rossi. According to Rossi, it seems that this evaluation will not take place before late October, or November, after the announced start-up of the promised power plant.

"Jed Rothwell asked
I have heard that the tests at Uppsala and Stockolm Universities will begin this week. Is that so? That’s great!

Andrea Rossi replied
Dear Jed Rothwell:
Not true, before the start up of my 1 MW plant I will have time for nothing.
Warm Regards,

V. Godbole asked
Respected Andrea
What I sugest is that as you produce your basic 10 kW modules you have to test each one of them individually before joining them into the larger 1 MW device. Let open-minded experts (physicists, nuclear and power engineers) in small new groups watch those factory-internal tests and ask questions – often new questions and doubts and also valuable feedbacks turn up. This will help clarify and pacify the situation even before October 2011, which is still very far away.
I know that you must be working very hard – but with some good organizational help it should be efficiently possible.

Andrea Rossi replied
Dear Mr Godbole:
I assure you that we are able to do our work. We do not need “experts” that come to teach us to do our profession. Most likely they would come to make industrial espionage. We have certified experts that make the safety tests and the suggestion to test every module is obvious. Thank you anyway for your attention,
Warm regards,

It looks like we’ll all be wondering until October or November.

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  1. Sending out an e-cat months before the starting of the 1 MW plant is, IMHO, not wise.
    It is just too easy to have it or the data about it stolen or sabotaged.

    If it is good to give humanity a new power source cheap and abundant, it is better do so and become very wealthy in the process.


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