Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To report or not report?

The media coverage (outside Italy) of the E-CAT has  been mainly done by the blogosphere, and radio-stations with UFO:s as their logos. A few prominent scientists - Nobel Prize winner and believer in paranormal activities BRIAN JOSEPHSON  is among them - has strongly criticized the mainstream-media as being to narrow in their reporting, but as a whole the established science community has been highly skeptical about writing about new, sensational claims of coldfusion-research since the dubious claims of FLEISCHMANN AND PONS in 1989
One of the exceptions, this far, has been Swedish NY TEKNIK, one of Sweden’s leading news site covering technological development, with the reporter Mats Lewan as a driving force. As a consequence Ny Teknik in general and Mats in particular has been criticized for being to generous with exposure for the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi. 
As Wikipedia articles started to show up, it generated interesting discussions regarding the issue of  "Reporting or Not Reporting"
Brain Josephson is one of the contributors to THIS HIGHLY ENTERTAINING POST.

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