Thursday, July 7, 2011

The silence of the Swedish media

In connection with the 14th of January demonstration some Swedish media paid attention to Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. An e-mail with a suggestion sent to various Swedish news-channels resulted in at least some coverage in four different news-channels; TV4, an article in Ny Teknik, as well as a small article in tabloid Aftonbladet and an even smaller note in Dagens Nyheter
In the following articles in Ny Teknik, Mats Lewan has taken a
role as reporter that has been criticised for being way too credulous to Andrea Rossi´s claims.

Except for Ny Teknik´s follow-up there has been an almost complete absence of news about the E-Cat  in Swedish mainstream media. (after the initial articles mentioned)
Many starts to wonder why, and the most fantastic conspiracy theories are growing.
I have been in contact with two of the largest newspapers in Sweden; Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter.
None of them have yet replied to the questions;
1) Is the E-Cat seen upon as being to insignificant to report about?
2) If not, what is the reason for the absence of coverage?

The situation is similar also for the rest of the world, except Italy and Greece, where at least some coverage has been done. 
Two links that discuss the issue;


  1. Same thing in Finland - no media coverage whatsoever.

  2. Just a silly comparison;
    Since January I think Svenska Dagbladet have produced 10 articles, and Dagens Nyheter 8 articles, about iPhone app Angry Birds!
    I love Angry Birds, for sure, but i think the Hesitant Cat should qualify as well! :)

  3. Well, angry birds is availble for everyone and it is prooven technology. If ecat is real in November, there may be more articles about that. For the time beeing threre is only one angry italian bird and lots of claims...

  4. “Italian angry bird!” :)
    Well, as the papers mentioned regularly writes critically about unconfirmed dietary-claims based on pseudo-science, (for example) one can feel that the same principle should be applied to the business of alternative energy-claims.
    There are lots of them, I have learned.
    The role of the public media should be to clear things up and to straighten the facts.(In a perfect world) And it´s obviously not done here. The articles in Ny Teknik (in some cases) gathered more than a thousand readers comments. Most of them very critical, I would say. The public interest is strong, obviously. Interesting, revealing facts have been made public, thanks to the readers engagement- not the journalists.

  5. The coverage in Italy has been relatively small too: a handful of articles on some national newspapapers/magazines and a documentary and some programs on a satellite news channel (Rainews). Probably it seems too good to be true, too controversial and still missing a decisive proof. Things will change after october, if the thing works


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