Monday, July 11, 2011

Ecatreport:"Andrea Rossi on the E-Cat"

"Ecatreport met with Dr. Rossi in Stockholm on the 5th of July during his business trip to Uppsala University, where talks about E-cat had occurred earlier the same day with Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén. Rossi was kind enough to give us a short interview about his amazing discovery, many anecdotes never published before."
Continue to interview with Andrea Rossi, on Ecatreport here

Edit: The second part of the interview is here
This second part includes a statement, of unclear origin, that "The management team of both Defkalion and AmpEnergo will meet on the 14th July (2011) together with NASA for an important discussion regarding the research and business development around the E-Cat. After the initial meeting with NASA, Defkalion GT and Ampenergo will sit down and develop a joint program for the introduction of the E-Cat as a main energy source to the world."


  1. Part 2

  2. Hi

    very good blog. I have become an e-cat addict since a week and I appreciate very much your position (scam alarm on ! but willing to believe it is possible). I am more and more on the 'believers' side by now looking at all the evidence of people taking this seriously. Where do you stand by now I am curious.

  3. I just removed my previous comment! It´s perhaps better to ask someone that know physics, rather than non-physicist running e-cat blogs! Cheers...:)


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