Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sergio Focardi interviewed by Energy Lab

Sergio Focardi
Sergio Focardi was recently interviewed at Energy Lab.
It was re-published at Daniele Passerini´s blog right here. (English translation by Google)

Edit: Rossi commented the interview as follows:
"Andrea Rossi
Dear Martin:
First of all, thank you for the interesting link.
The English translation is very confusing. I spoke with Prof. Sergio Focardi by telephone few minutes ago, he explained to me that he wanted to say that when we made our tests heating the water we did not calculate the steam that was produced, so that the output has been underestimated.
The Italian journalist, by the way, made a wrong statement: I never worked in G.B. with Petroldragon, which has always been unknown in G.B.
About Petroldragon, please go to
Warm Regards,

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