Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The clown that stirred the hornet´s nest!

A clown, a snake and some hornets!
Yesterday there was a comment on the blog Ecatnews :
"Rossi gave me a personal demonstration of a group of 4 e-cats working at his premises outside Bologna on Friday 8th. 
I saw essentially the same set up reported by Krivit in June. I was there in the capacity of friendly off-the-record adviser re patenting issues. Whilst I didn’t like the tone of Krivit’s June 16 report, I had arrived in Bologna full of optimism. I am afraid that I now fully share Krivit’s opinion. 
There are a number of reasons for this. Here are a few. As has been pointed out numerous times on this blog, the dryness of the steam/water vapur is abolutely crucial to the viability of the e-cat
Imagine my astonishment and disappointment on finding that Rossi makes no attempt to monitor the dryness of the output and there was no appropiate equipment visible on the premises. It follows that Rossi can not possibly know whether he has 1,2 5 or even 10 percent unvaporized phase by weight. Passive observers like myself, Krivit, Essen & Kullander have even less chance of determining this crucial parameter. Even worse, since the output tube went straight through a hole in the wall to be vented/flushed outside, it could have been pure hot water and nobody, least of all Rossi, could possibly know. 
Basically, the whole set up defies even approximate quantitative calorimetric analysis. 
Another odd thing was that Rossi pumped up the electrical power for a minute or two shortly before turning it off and allowing me to see that the water kept an output temperature of 100.5 for a couple of minutes. This gave me the impression that it was a performance for my benefit and not the rigorous testing procedure that the technician sitting in front of the PC appeared to suggest.
The final clincher for me is that Rossi made a point of telling me that he was currently vaporizing 15 litres / hour. BUT, the peristaltic pump was exactly the same one he uses in all demonstrations and it was pulsing about once every 2.5 seconds. I make that 3 litres / hour, only 20 percent of what Rossi told me verbally. And yet this small flow was being shared amongst 4 e-cat modules. That isnt much of a stress test is it ? 

The small chimney will result in a small overpressure and a boiling temperature > 100 Celsius, so I am not impressed by 100.5 Celsius I must admit that I didnt reach these dismal conclusion on the day. It took about 3 days of pondering what I had seen before all the pieces of the puzzle dropped into place. It may be this explains why Rossi has been able to convince so many qualified people.
You dont want to believe it is just a gross and extremely simple circus trick. He certainly has a charming manner; I liked him and would never suggest he has criminal intent. My hunch is that he did make a discovery that goes beyond the level acheived by Piantelli and Focardi, but that he got too enthusiastic too soon, before he had really done due diligence. He is now trapped in the web of commitments and claims he has made. A tragic figure really.
PS I was in experimental atomic physics research at Oxford from 1981-1989 and have since that time been an employee of the European Patent Office."

Rossi commented on his blog as follows; 
"Very funny: this clown, named xxxxxx xxxxx, wrote me saying he was an officer of the Patent Office and that he wanted give me suggestions.
I received him to get those suggestions, curious to know about what he had to suggest. I was working in my Bologna lab when I received him and he saw one E-Cat under test for no more that 30 seconds, after which I invited him to exit. He made no tests, he saw nothing, he just has taken a 30 seconds glance at a totally closed box. He saw nothing, I said nothing, also because he inspired me no trust, because said he is a Quantum Physicist, but said so much stupidities that not even a 13 years old student of middle school could say, so I understood he was an impostor.
We agreed, after a short meeting, that he would have mailed to me a text of a patent that he thought would have had many probabilities to be accepted: I was very baffled, because I could not understand how an officer of the European Patent Office could behave like that: he asked me to be paid by my company’s shares in change of his help!
After some day I received from this clown ( who until that moment spoke only positively of all what he saw) some text, simply ridiculous, for a new patent (I conserve the copies, of course) and in these texts there was written that my patent was to be based on an already granted patent made from one competitor of mine, obviously a “friend” of his. I made a research and discovered that the patent of my competitor he referred to had not been granted, but had been refused. Of course he has been sent from such competitor to spy and to try to mess up with patents. I wrote him a mail inviting him not to contact me again: he was clearly an impostor. At this point he made the comment on Ecatnews…
Conclusion: he lies when he says he made a test, he lies when he says he has seen an E-Cat enough to say anything about it (just has taken a 30 seconds look), he lies if he says he has seen the steam, he saw nothing because the circuit was ermetically closed, he lies when he says that he is an officer of the Patent Office (if he is, he made a crime, because he asked me, in change of his help, shares of Leonardo Corporation), he lies when he says he is an expert of patents, he lies when he says that my competitor he works with has a patent on this matter granted in 1995.
It is clear that somebody, desperate of the fact that a 1 MW plant is close to be started up from us, is trying to use all the methods of a snake to try to put clubs in the wheels. But all this is just clownery: my plants will give evidence in the real market of the validity of my effect.
It is also clear that at this point I cannot allow any more info or courtesy visit before the start up of my 1 MW plant.

Warm Regards,

Maybe it is a bit rude of me to post this, as the original commentator later writes:
"Can i ask you, for the sake of my family, to remove my submission to your blog. It was sent in good faith, because I really care about the LENR field and don’t want it to suffer yet another set back, but I see I may have stirred up a hornet’s nest."
It´s interesting to note that his observations and thoughts have not been met in a nice way, obviously, also by people that have not seen the E-Cat in action themselves. 
What to say...? Hold Your Hornets!, perhaps?


  1. Can anyone confirm whether these "dry/wet steam" claims could actually indicate the e-cat is a total scam? I mean is the difference that large that there can be doubt whether its a nuclear reaction or just a resistance heating up water? Wouldnt the difference be orders of magnitude in power????

  2. Sounds like another Krivit or Dawkins, just saying any old rubbish to get their names in the paper.

  3. @mopc: The reason why this point is so important is the large amount of energy required to evaporate liquid water at 100C. It takes only about 400J/g to heat water from 0C to 100C but more than 2000J/g to evaporate the same at 100C. At the same time the density of the steam is about 1600 times less than the density of liquid water so with only 5% evaporation (which would take only 100 J/g) you will get a mixture with what appears to be very low (volume) fraction of liquid water (1%), yet 95% mass%.

    In my opinion most demonstrations need no new physics to explain the performance of the device. But I ask you not to trust my opinion. Instead review the facts to form your own.

  4. Has the patent advisor/quantum physicist examined the Feb 11 ecat demonstration data in which the ecat heated (but not boiled) water for 18 hours? In that demonstration it was said that the unit provided ~15kw average power for the duration.

  5. Just a stupid question ... but has anybody actually checked the hydrogen supply system? The often quoted ~90MJ of heat production lines up EXACTLY with the energy content of burning one cylinder tank worth of hydrogen.

    Never mind the abysmally poor experimental setup that is completely incapable of even giving a rough guestimate on heat output.

  6. I suppose all those other scientists who have seen and measured the device with their own independent instruments (and did detect gamma radiation, for example) are idiots too. All these highly experienced individuals have been fooled by a guy boiling water with a simple resistive heater. Come on, guys. Not very convincing.


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