Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steven B. Krivit: "Noble Aspirations Are Not Enough"

Steven B. Krivit comments on the  October 28 test;
"Fortunately, nobody appears to have given Rossi much money. But Rossi has abused the honest and sincere fans who have given him their moral support and encouragement. There is nothing wrong with wanting a new source of clean nuclear energy or wanting liberation from the petrocacy. I hope Rossi’s fans will remember their own dreams and desires for a better world and continue their enthusiasm for legitimate low-energy nuclear reaction research and technology."
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  1. Are people afraid to seem stupid regarding the E-Cat?
    It is not disproved yet, then you can not exclude it logically!
    Science is about discovery and collecting facts, not dismiss without knowing, or?

    If it's a scam, I will laugh!
    If it is true, I will laugh with joy!
    But until then, we have to find out more until it is proven!

    Good luck mr Andrea Rossi and mr Sergio Focardi!

    /Amiga1000 from Sweden


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