Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The plot thickens : Defkalion announces "Hyperion version 7"

Today Defkalion GT made the following announcement, on their user forum!
As often before, it is a compelling mix of grandiose statements about changing the world, mixed with their highly personal issues with Rossi.

"The technological breakthrough of LENR (or CANR) is no longer speculation. It is a fact that will eventually change the world’s energy problems and its sociopolitical divides through cheap, clean and green energy. The world needs LENR as a new energy source. Although change will not happen over-night, LENR will help reduce CO2 emissions, lower the cost of energy, and provide longevity to our planet’s energy needs.
Defkalion sees its role with responsibility and asks the community at large to continue its support.
Defkalion has:
• Enhanced technology and engineering on Rossi’s invention or similar inventions
• Prepared business models for international expansion
• Established a strong network of global contacts
• Prepared legislative and certification procedures
• Ensured national, regional and international network in politics and business
• Prepared global financing

Defkalion has worked in close partnership with Andrea Rossi for a very long time to prepare a commercially viable and industrially applicable product using his invention. Defkalion invested a lot of money to evolve Rossi’s E-Cat lab prototype into its Hyperion product. Defkalion is now at the stage where its industrial prototype is ready for production.
Defkalion has held direct business discussions with 62 interested companies who visited our offices in Greece and witnessed our work. Small industry and large energy players internationally were all impressed by our progress in technology and engineering. More are still coming. Despite this phenomenal progress, Defkalion never made promises.
Our aim has always been to inform and demonstrate to public our progress when the final product is ready for use, thereby avoiding any speculations.
Today, Hyperion engineering has completed version 7. We were surprised to see our old designs used in public testing. We were confused why our old designs were implemented wrongly, as well as witnessing insufficient use of instruments and testing protocols. We also identified confidential (yet shown in public) special instruments designed in collaboration with Rossi and prepared by Defkalion. These actions have already paved the way for more negative criticism (unworthy) against the inventor, which do not give credibility to his important work.
The plethora of positive and negative comments is not helpful, as pointed out recently on the Vortex mail archive:
(http://www.mail-archive.com/vortex-l@es ... 52357.html).

Defkalion fully supports and endorses this technology. Our mission is to introduce this technology on a global scale, responsibly. To date, we have self-financed all R&D and business development phases without asking for a single penny from anyone (private or public). We will soon be ready to announce the results of our extensive R&D with Hyperion final products.
Athens, October 10th, 2011
Defkalion GT S.A."

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