Monday, September 26, 2011

New test of E-Cat October 6th announced

Today Daniele Passerini reported on his blog the following statement, claimed to be from Brian Josephson;

"I have Received this information from Professor Levi;
On October 6th we will have the opportunity to make a long (more then 12 hours) of testing one of the modules of the RC 1 MW generator. The module will be Opened to us and we will have the opportunity to verify weights and volumes of the internal components.
Heat measurements will be done at condensing the steam produced in heat exchanger and a secondary circuit where no water will be vaporized.
This is NOT an official test of the University of Bologna Because the contract is not active yet."

Andrea Rossi comments on his blog
"Dear Italo:
I confirm
The energy measurements will be made only on the water heated by the reactor’s primary circuit in the heat exchanger that will heat the water using the steam made by the reactor. The steam will be in a closed loop, and will be condensed by the heat exchanger; one thermometer will be put along the water circuit at the input of the heat exchanger and one thermometer will be put at the exit of the heat exchanger, so that the delta T to calculate the energy will be taken only from the liquid water flow of the secondary circuit. This of course will penalize us, because some energy will be lost in the heat exchange, but the energy we produce is so high that we can accept it. The E-Cat will work also in self sustained mode. We have invited selected scientists from Sweden, USA, France, G.B., Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan, Cina, Russia.
Every component of the circuit will be inspected and weighted before the test, and also external measures will be taken of the reactors.
The test will last at least 12 hours. At the end all the components will be again disassembled, weighted, etc.
Measurements will be taken from a specialist expert to accertain that no radiations modify substantially the background radiations of the room.
Warm Regards,

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  1. Well if (and this is a big IF) this test actually goes forward as described and the results are positive, I'll actually move from complete disbelief to cautious optimism. This has been an interesting exercise in learning to see through overoptimism at the least.


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