Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rossi, Holm and Ecatreport

After the October 28 megawatt E-cat test, there has not been much information of interest delivered from Rossi. 
However, the blogosphere is still engaged in speculations about E-Cat. 
(Check out for example.)
One of the blogs most infiltrated with Andrea Rossi is that boosts up Rossi´s statements about the development of the E-Cat. 
Today E-Catreport writes that E-Cat Set To Rule The Market In 2012, and that "by next year the world market will be filled with 1 million units of 10 kW household E-Cats"

Yup. One million(!) 
(Well, we´ll see how many that really turn out to be.) 

One can conclude that the E-Catreport contains hardly any critical thoughts or critical information about the validity of Andrea Rossi´s statements, but rather put up cheerful headlines like ECat Deviates From All Scientific Theories. But That’s Fine. 
(Well, we´ll see how "fine" that really turn out to be.) 

Why the joyful and cheerful approach at E-Catreport, then? 
One reason for this might be that one of the editors (according to this YouTube-clipof
E-Catreport, Magnus Holm, also is engaged in the company Hydrofusion that runs the website - "The Official Website of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer"
As Andrea Rossi now collects pre-orders for his E-Cats, Hydrofusion aims to be a part of the business. 
Magnus Holm was interviewed in Ny Teknik November 18, where he explains that
The aim is to be a portal to all stakeholders regarding the E-cat. In particular, we want to be as officially linked to Rossi as possible in order to capture as much commercial interest as possible through”

"NyT: You have already been accused of contributing to fraud. What is your comment?

Holm: “We are not engaged in any deception, and I do not think Rossi is engaged in any fraud either. If it would turn out that it does not work, in spite of everything, I would think it is about self-deception. I believe it works.”

So if you feel that is engaged in any "deception", you are completely wrong. 
It´s "self-deception"!

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