Saturday, December 3, 2011

No miracles in science: The story of the "energy catalyzer" | Energy Bulletin

Antonio Turiel is a physicist working at the institute for marine sciences in Barcelona (CSIC) and he keeps the blog "The Oil Crash," (in Spanish). Here, he examines the story of the E-Cat with a well needed critical view.

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  1. Awesome .. :D hahahha

  2. Here'a a few websites and blogs devoted to E-Cat:

    Buzz, buzz ... 82 flies can't be wrong.


  3. New calculation:
    On the Nickel surface, the H2 molekule is separated in H+ and H- (this is validated, called Hydrid).
    Now, all is going on with H-.
    Compare with a Bohr:
    Z=28, mH+/me = 1836
    you get a Bohr/(28*1836)=1*10^-15m

    That should be small enough
    for any fusion,
    greetings Dietmar

    PS: When you know the spectrum from H-,
    it can be easy identified, that this is the real cause for any Cold Fusion, Transmutation of elements.


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