Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peter Ekström discuss the fuel analysis after meeting with Sven Kullander

On Swedish E-Cat-discussionforum  Peter Ekström has been one of the most active participants, and he has brought an interesting voice to the discussions with his critical thoughts and deep knowledge.
Today he wrote that he actually had a meeting with professor Sven Kullander the 18th of May, where they discussed the E-Cat.

The focus right now is on the used fuel that prof. Kullander got from Rossi, when they met earlier in Bologna. According to Rossi this fuel has been used in an E-Cat. Ekström writes that Kullander soon will present a detailed report, that describes the analysis and the results in depth.
According to Ekström, the data he was shown correlates with the results described earlier in Ny Teknik.
That means;
Unused fuel: 100% Ni
Used fuel: c:a 11% Fe, 10% Cu, the rest is Ni

Both Ekström and Kullander agrees that Andrea Rossi´s explanation of the process, where Ni is said to absorb protons probably is wrong.

According to Ekström, Uppsala University will not get an E-Cat for validation before the end of June.
The conditions to be met from Rossi is that the Uppsala lab will be free to perform whatever evaluations that they want to in their lab.

Ekström further mentions that Kullander has proposed an alternative explanation of the energyproduction, that not includes Ni. 
Hopefully Kullander soon will present this alternative theory, as Ekström doesn´t want to reveal anything more than the fact that it includes an reaction that could be classified as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction)

Peter Ekström is still highly critical of Andrea Rossi´s claims, though, and he is convinced that the E-Cat is a fraud.

You can find the post from Ekström here. (Swedish only)

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